F1CBDCB4-90AD-40DB-B3D0-D5A60024FD60Joe Grant 

I was born on May 24th, 1983 in Oxford, England. 

I currently reside in  Gold Hill, CO.

My primary sport is long distance mountain running. I also ride, climb, ski and generally just like exploring wild places self-powered. 

I’ve been racing ultras for close to a decade

I got into what I do because I enjoy moving through wild places self-propelled.  

What I enjoy most about my sport is moving simply and freely in the mountains.  

Favorite place to adventure: I love where I live, scrambling in the flatirons or being in the Indians Peaks or Rocky Mountain National Park. I’m very fortunate to have such spectacular places to explore near my home in Colorado. 

My biggest accomplishment most recently riding the Colorado Trail Race from Durango to Denver was a great experience.  

My special talent is that I’m bilingual in French and English.  

This year I’ve been listening to a lot of Adrian Younge and Robert Glasper.  

Favorite movie is Fruitvale Station was a really powerful film.  

The biggest Inspiration to me is Authentic self-expression. Wild landscapes.  

My philosophy of life is “To lead an examined life”.  

I’d like to give a shout out to Derek Palmer for roasting the bean and getting this all started. The good folks at Reeb and Oskar Blues for supporting my shenanigans, Chad Melis, Chris Sulfrian, Tim Moore. Thanks guys! 

My favorite Hotbox Roasters Coffee is Frank Sumatra or Kenya Dig It brewed on the stovetop espresso maker at home or on the aeropress on the road.  

Other sponsors: Arc’teryx, Alpurna, Buff, inov-8, Drymax,Tailwind.  

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I was born on August 2nd, 1983 in Nebraska. 

I currently reside in Boulder, CO. 

I’m most widely-known as a mountain runner, but I also spend a lot of time climbing, biking, and skiing. Most generally, I am interested in human-powered mountain adventures. 

I’ve been running for 20 years (since 1995), climbing for 14 years, and biking and skiing seriously for only the past year.


I got into running, biking, climbing, and skiing for the same reason: moving through the mountains under my own power is my most reliable source of contentment.

What I enjoy most about my sport is pre-coffees, post-beers. Which is just another way of saying that getting out in the woods everyday and using your body just makes everything in life better. Seriously.

Favorite place to:

Run – Grand Canyon and/or Grand Teton

Ride – Limited experience, but I really dig the Switzerland Trail on my REEB Cycles Sam’s Pants.

Climb – Rocky Mt National Park or Wind River Range, Wyoming

Ski – My experience is limited to only the Front Range, but hey, I just like being able to pursue all these activities from within a mere 30-45min drive of Boulder.

My biggest accomplishment to date is getting to do this stuff full-time. I’m so grateful for that. 

My special talent is spelling? Maybe?

My favorite music is TV On The Radio and The Walkmen will probably always top the list for me. Lately, I’ve been listening to a lot of The Kills, Glass Animals, and Wolf Parade.

No favorite movie, but a couple highlights from the past few years have included Birdman, Whiplash, and The Place Beyond The Pines.

The biggest Inspiration to me is anyone who’s approaching life with creativity and originality. 

My philosophy of life is ever-evolving. Stay curious.

My favorite Hotbox Roasters Coffee is Kenya Dig It, and the way I like to brew it is in a Bialetti!