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  • Costa_Rica_Bag

    Costa Rica Finca Sircof

    Get this coffee while you can, because we don't have much..! Produced by Marco Oviedo, a third generation coffee grower who's family has long believed in producing coffee that exceeds expectations. His farm is located in the Central Valley of Grecia, Costa Rica which is known for it’s plesant weather.

    This particular lot of coffee underwent a red/black honey process, which means a greater percentage of mucilage is left on the seed during the drying process, the coffee is dried on tarps in a greenhouse to protect the coffee from the regions frequent rain showers.

    [accordions_pickplguins id="20755"]   This coffee is imported by our friends over at Anthem Coffee Imports. Coffee comes whole bean, Net Wt. 12oz More questions? Email
    From: $18.00
  • Guat_SanMarcos_Bag

    Guatemala San Marcos

    Between the amazing coffee and the farm's ethical practices this coffee was a MUST for us to have - we hope you enjoy it as much as we do!

    Coming from the San Marcos region of Guatemala which has a temperate climate, this crop is produced by Finca Dos Marias. Finca Dos Marias is well known for it's fair trade practices that were implemented well before the certification was established, unfortunately the farm is not eligible for the certification because they're not a cooperative.  Their commitment to quality and the environment goes far beyond just coffee, more than 30 years ago they cut back all cultivation to preserve the virgin cloud forest above their establishment. Pretty rad, right?

    [accordions id="20879"]   This coffee is imported by our friends over at Ally Coffee. Coffee comes whole bean, Net Wt. 12oz More questions? Email
    From: $16.00
  • WLL

    Whole Lotta Love – Blend

    It's all about the Love.

    Right..? You're only here because you love yer coffee! This can OBeans is packed full of dope flavors - In this coffee you'll find notes of: Chocolate Thunder, Atomic Graham Crackers, & Blueberry Essence. 

    Coffee comes whole bean in can. More questions? Email
    From: $15.43
  • Boliva

    Bolivia Newton John – Single Origin

    You're the one that I want... Our Bolivian coffee comes from Caranavi region, in the Yungas climatic zone. Most of these high-altitude, shade-grown coffee beans come from Colonias San Ignacio, Siete Estrellas, Cima del Jaguar and Uchumachi. Flavors to expect during consumption: Berry White, Tangerine Quake, & Chocolate Kryptonite. Bolivia Newton John - hopelessly devoted to brew. Coffee comes whole bean. More questions? Email 
    From: $15.43
  • Sumatra

    Frank Sumatra – Single Origin

    Sumatra Mandheling coffee. Coffee from this region is produced in small size farms and is processed by the system “Gilling Basah” (wet hulling). The coffee has a very characteristic bluish color, which is attributed to the processing method. First thing you get when this coffee hits your mouth is you notice how smooth this coffee is… This Sumatra has some great characteristics of Citrus, butterscotch, and Mendocino pinewood. Coffee comes whole bean. More questions? Email
    From: $15.43
  • FrenchPress

    French Press of Bel Air – Blend

    Why do we have such fresh coffee...? Cuz we CAN. But not only is the coffee fresh look at that @ Hotbox only the freshest of fresh will do.  This fresh blend of beans will blow yer mind with flavors consisting of: Parallel Caramel, Snafu Cashew, & Blueberry AF. R.I.P. Uncle Phil. Coffee comes whole bean. More questions? Email  
    From: $15.43
    5.00 out of 5
  • Kenya

    Kenya Dig It – Single Origin

    Keyna Dig it? Cuz we CAN! Wake N' Roast this Kenyan beauty and you’ll inhale a sweet lemon kush flavor, a clean chocolate stout finish. Coffee comes whole bean. More questions? Email
    From: $15.43
  • LXIX

    LXIX Espresso – Blend

    LXIX - Don't worry, we don't know our Roman numerals either..

    But what we do know is, this coffee is good AF. It took us a bit to get this espresso blend dialed in but once we did, we knew we had something amazing! Tasting notes: Toasted hazelnut, Juicy Peach, Citric Acid

    Pours though herbaceous, consider it audacious, berries feel flirtatious, more often than not, Steph Curry pulls the shot.

    Coffee comes whole bean in can. More questions? Email
    From: $15.43
  • Moonshine

    Moonshine – DECAF

    Coffee for when the moon shines. We love coffee....we know you love coffee...So what happens at 10pm when you just want one last cup but have to go to bed right after? Well, we call it Moonshine! Moonshine is our flavor packed decaffeinated coffee, this coffee has favor characteristics of: Smoking Oak, Kentucky Nutty, and Vicious Citrus. Coffee comes whole bean in can. More questions? Email