Nitro Cold Brew


In the can:

420mg of caffeine infused RADness wrapped up ina can. Hotbox Roasters Nitro Cold Brew isn’t your average joe; It’s high octane, great tasting, consistent natural energy that’s ready to go anywhere. Grab one, throw it back or pour aggressively into a glass for a beautiful cascade effect, and #LetsHotbox!








We start the process with high grade, kindly sourced, arabica coffee beans. We roast all of our beans in house to perfection to insure quality, and flavor. Take all those beans and grind them up and toss them in a brewing tank. We then fill that tank with cold, crisp, filtered Rocky Mountain Water and let it steep for 24 hours. While it’s steeping millions of smooth, velvety nitrogen bubbles are infused into the brew. Once fully steeped we take the cold brew and put in into our infinitely recyclable, durable aluminum can. There’s finally a coffee that can go anywhere you do.

Whether you sip straight from the can, or dump agressively into a glass–we’d like to see! Use #NitroCan and show us how you get after it.