Hotbox Roasters – The World’s Finest Coffee Beans

Longmont, Colorado

Where Canned Craft Beer Began with Oskar Blues Dale's Pale Ale. Now we're continuing it with Hotbox Roasters.

Enjoy It Anywhere

Hotbox Roasters Cans Are Built For The Outdoors
Slam a can of beans in a backpack and get your backside on a bike. Life is for living.

We'll Be Frank!

An earthy, citrus, herbaceous, and
undeniably smooth Sumatran coffee
thanks to the wet hulling processing
technique from Indonesia.

Why Is Mike Murfitt Jumping Over Hotbox Coffee?

Because He CAN...!

What's the point in roasting coffee in
Oskar Blues' Brewery if we don't use
the space to git rad?

The One You Want!

Sourced from the high-altitude village of San Ignacio and roasted to a medium-light profile. The coffee has flavors of dark chocolate and citrus, with a smooth finish.


Kenya Up In Ya!

A big, bold and juicy coffee from Kenya with hints of lemon sweetness and dark chocolate stout flavors that makes this coffee very complex and delicious.

Coffee = Awesome

Hotbox Roasters is proud to present the world’s finest coffees, presented without pretension, in an infinitely recyclable can that seals every bit of flavor in.

Fuel For Your Life

You don’t need a can full of chemicals to pump up your energy for pursuing your passion. From mountain biking to ultra-running, a good cup of coffee is all the boost you need.

Infinitely Recyclable

There’s enough crap in the world already. But papery coffee bags are not recyclable or compostable. Our aluminum cans can be repurposed or recycled. You’re welcome, Planet Earth.

Stop by for a tour of Hotbox Roasters, and refill your can for a discounted price!

1800 Pike Road, Longmont, CO 80501

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